About us

AFP launched its digital verification service in France in 2017 and has grown to become the leading global fact-checking organisation, with dedicated journalists in countries from the United States to Myanmar. Our journalists monitor online content in local languages, from Amharic to Hindi, Polish or Portuguese. They take into account local cultures, languages and politics and work with AFP’s bureaus worldwide to investigate and disprove false information, focusing on items which can be harmful, impactful and manipulative.

Their stories are edited in regional hubs and the global team is managed from AFP's Paris headquarters. 

Our English-language team spans the globe, with regional editors in Hong Kong, Sydney, Washington DC, Paris and Johannesburg. 

Sophie Nicholson, Deputy chief editor, Paris

Sophie Nicholson helps to oversee the global team, working closely with tech companies, media organisations, researchers and fact checkers. Sophie previously worked as a foreign correspondent in Mexico City and has reported from more than 15 countries. She started her career in radio and television at the BBC in London.

Cat Barton, Head of Asia, Hong Kong

Cat Barton is head of AFP Fact Check in Asia Pacific. From AFP’s regional editing hub in Hong Kong, she leads a team of journalists to debunk misinformation circulating in the region. She was previously AFP’s bureau chief for Bangladesh and more recently, Vietnam.

Rachel Blundy, Senior Asia editor, Hong Kong

Rachel Blundy is a fact-check editor who helps lead the Asia Pacific fact-check team from Hong Kong. She has expertise in verifying user generated content on social media after working for social media intelligence agency Storyful. Originally from London, she worked for more than five years in reporting and digital production roles on newspapers in the UK before moving to Hong Kong in late 2015.

Yenni Kwok, Asia editor, Hong Kong

Yenni Kwok is a fact-check editor based in Hong Kong who oversees the Indonesian and Malaysian teams. She works closely with journalists in Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur to debunk misinformation circulating in the two countries. She previously worked as a journalist and editor at Storyful, Time Magazine, the New York Times, CNN, the South China Morning Post and Asiaweek.

Spencer Feingold, Asia editor, Hong Kong

Spencer Feingold is a fact-check editor in Hong Kong covering misinformation across Asia. Prior to joining AFP, he reported on international breaking news at CNN and wrote for several news websites. He also worked as a journalist for The Times of India in New Delhi.

Bada Kim, Asia editor, Hong Kong

Bada Kim is a fact-check editor in Hong Kong, focusing on misinformation in Asia. In London, she formerly led Dataminr's Asia desk, specialising in breaking news, and held roles at the Associated Press' live video desk and South Korea's Yonhap News Agency and Korean Broadcasting System, covering North Korea news.

Esther Chan, Asia editor, Sydney

Esther Chan is a fact-check editor who leads the Australia and New Zealand fact-check teams from Sydney. She reports primarily on mis/disinformation in Australia and also assists with fact-check reports about Hong Kong and China. She works as part of a team of editors in the Asia Pacific region. She started her career in television at Hong Kong broadcaster ATV, before moving to social media intelligence agency Storyful. 

Arthur MacMillan, Head of North America, Washington DC

Arthur MacMillan works with fact-checkers to identify and edit stories that counter misinformation, and writes on major news topics such as government-sponsored disinformation campaigns. He was previously based in New York, Paris, Tehran, Baghdad and Hong Kong, and has worked in numerous other countries including Pakistan, where he reported on the assassination of Benazir Bhutto in 2007.

Will Dunlop, Senior US editor, Washington DC

Will Dunlop writes and edits articles about misinformation in the United States. He joined AFP in 2009 as a correspondent in Dubai and was later based in Baghdad for six years, first as a correspondent and then as deputy bureau chief. He became an editor on the English desk in Washington in 2017, and joined AFP Fact Check at the beginning of 2020.

Marisha Goldhamer, Senior Canada editor, Washington DC

Marisha Goldhamer is one of the original verification editors in English for AFP Fact Check. She oversees the Canada team, working closely with journalists in Montreal, Toronto and Washington to edit, write and translate articles about misinformation in North America. Marisha joined AFP in 2003 as a Multimedia Desk editor in Washington. She was promoted to Senior Editor for Web and Mobile in 2016.

Ian Timberlake, US editor, Washington DC

Ian Timberlake edits articles that our US-based reporters write about misinformation. He also investigates and writes his own fact checks. Ian joined AFP Washington in 2017, working on the English desk before joining AFP Fact Check in April 2020.  He previously worked for many years as a correspondent in Asia, Africa and the Middle East following  a newspaper career in his native Canada.

Nina Lamparski, Head of Africa, Paris

Nina Lamparski leads the digitial verification teams in Africa. Prior to this, she was an editor on AFP's English-language desk in Paris, managing the daily output from bureaus across Europe and Africa. She joined AFP in 2015 to cover eastern and central Europe from Vienna, after several years as a London-based BBC broadcast journalist. With a background in newspapers and radio, she has also worked in Sydney, Phnom  Penh and Brussels.

Gaëlle Faure, Deputy head of Africa, Paris

Gaëlle Faure is an editor with the Africa fact-checking team. She joined AFP in January 2020. Gaelle has previously worked in editing and reporting roles for both French and American media organisations, with a focus on investigation and verification. 

Brett Horner, Africa editor, Johannesburg

Based in AFP's Johannesburg bureau, Brett Horner joined the digital verification team in December 2019 and is AFP Fact Check's editor for southern Africa. His duties include writing, editing and helping to oversee our pan-African fact-checking operation. Prior to joining AFP, Brett was editor in chief of two regional newspapers and a news website in South Africa, where he has worked as a journalist for more than 20 years.

Montira Rungjirajittranon, fact-check reporter, Thailand

Montira Rungjirajittranon (“Tak”) is a fact-check reporter in Thailand, based in AFP's Bangkok bureau. She graduated from City University London ’s Journalism school in 2017. She works with other journalists and fact-checkers based in the Asia Pacific region to debunk misinformation circulating around the region.  Prior to AFP, she did work experience placements in social media and digital marketing in Thailand and Hong Kong.

Jake Soriano, fact-check reporter, Philippines

Jake Soriano is a fact-check reporter in the Philippines who joined AFP’s Manila bureau in 2019. He previously worked on fact-checking projects in the Philippines, including Tsek.ph, a collaborative initiative between several newsrooms and universities in the country.

Uzair Rizvi, fact-check reporter, India

Uzair Rizvi is a fact-check reporter based in AFP's Delhi bureau. He debunks misinformation circulating on social media and instant messaging applications in India. Prior to joining AFP in 2018, he worked as a multimedia journalist for The Hindustan Times in Delhi. He was previously a fellow for the Thomson Reuters Foundation, reporting on child slavery and human trafficking. 

Akhil Ranjan, fact-check reporter, India

Akhil Ranjan is a fact-check reporter in AFP’s Delhi bureau. He debunks misinformation circulating on social media in English, Hindi, Urdu and other regional languages in India. He is a Google-certified fact-checker and holds independent workshops on online content verification for journalists and media students.

Johnny Lieu, fact-check reporter, Sydney

Johnny Lieu is a fact-check reporter based in AFP's Sydney bureau, debunking false and misleading information about Australia. Prior to joining AFP in 2019, he worked as a journalist for US technology website Mashable and Australian television channel Network Ten.

Taylor Thompson-Fuller, fact-check reporter, Sydney

Taylor Thompson-Fuller is a fact check reporter covering New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Taylor previously worked at the Australian Associated Press covering mis/disinformation in Australia. In 2018 he was nominated for a Walkley Excellence in Journalism Award for his work on a Guardian investigation into the death of an Indigenous man in a Sydney jail.