Test JP v1 to test transit to website - Majority of respondents in Hart van Nederland poll wanted new coronavirus measures, not cabinet resignation

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A supposed screenshot of a Hart van Nederland article claiming that three quarters of a polled audience want the government to resign was shared hundreds of times on Facebook over the last three days. But the image is doctored. The actual headline of the article said three quarters of respondents wanted the government to introduce new measures to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus, not resign.

The truth behind the news!” the caption in a Facebook post, shared more than 600 times since October 12, 2020 says. Below it is an apparent screenshot of a Hart van Nederland article headlined “Three quarters of Dutch people want the cabinet to resign on Tuesday” with a photo of PM Mark Rutte putting on or taking off a face mask.

According to the screenshot, the first paragraphs of the article claim that a poll among 2,500 respondents from the “Hart van Nederland-panel” showed that 76 percent of respondents “think it’s a good idea” for the cabinet to resign

The same screenshot appeared in Facebookpostshere,hereandhereand was cumulatively shared more than 900 times.

The Facebook post appeared a day before strict new measures to curb the spread of Covid-19 wereannounced, on Tuesday October 13, as Covid-19 infections are soaring in the Netherlands. The “partial lockdown” includes a closure of bars,cafes and restaurants as well as a ban on events and the sale of alcohol after 8pm.

Doctored screenshot

The screenshot in the Facebook posts is actually doctored. Just looking at the screenshot, it’s clear the words “resign”, appearing in the headline and the first paragraph, are in a different font from the rest of the copy.

A Google search for the keywords “Three quarters of Dutch people want the cabinet to resign on Tuesday Hart van Nederland” leads tothis articleon the website of daily current affairs programme Hart van Nederland. Its headline reads: “Three quarters of the Netherlands wants the cabinet to introduce new measures on Tuesday.

The introduction of the article, published on October 11, also mirrors the screenshot in the Facebook post except for the word “resign”. The introduction says 76 percent out of 2,500 respondents from the Hart van Nederland-panel think it’s a “good idea” for the cabinet to introduce “strict new corona measures” as early as Tuesday.

Contacted by AFP Fact Check, Jeroen Jansen, online editor for Hart van Nederland, confirms the screenshot is “a photoshopped version” of the October 11 article.